Is it worth it to start a blog in 2021?

Without a doubt it’s worth it to start a blog this year!

Here’s an example:

For the longest time people have been saying that newspapers are a dead and dying breed.

But consuming news is as important as it’s ever been!

So what have creators done?

They’ve improvised, adapted and have overcome.

Newspapers have shifted a lot of their publishing efforts online, and while I still think they’ve got a long way to go in terms of adapting to the proliferation of social media and other options people use to get their news, they’re still going strong.

Just like anything worth doing is worth doing right, and it will take some work to get things moving, starting a blog will take some time and hard work.

There are so many opportunities for bloggers in 2021.

Growing your authority and visibility, creating another stream of income, building a platform for your subject matter expertise, generating leads, expanding your impact among many other things are all possible when you start a blog.

Blogging is as profitable as ever in 2021 and the income possibilities for blogging are only limited by your imagination.

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