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One of the things that’s overwhelming for a lot of people who are new to ClickFunnels and starting an online business is all the stuff you need to do get set up in your account to begin with.

I’ve seen it too many times.

People get excited about all the possibilities of what can be achieved with ClickFunnels, but then once they start the process of actually starting and building out their ClickFunnels account, it quickly becomes overwhelming and all their momentum slams into a wall.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why I’m offering to set up your ClickFunnels account for you, for free. Only catch is that you need to use my link below to get started. Other than that – I take care of everything.

Step 1 – use the link below to sign up for your Clickfunnels account

Start by cleaning out your browser history first.

If you’re not sure you can follow this link to learn how to do that.

Step 2 – send your sign-up receipt to

Please forward your ClickFunnels receipt that you received when you signed up to so we know the date of your sign up and confirm your eligibility for this free service.

Step 3 – Click the button below for the next step

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