Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

how much does a website cost? Make sure to account for search and paid traffic

Getting your site built is one thing. Getting your site in front of the right eyes is a completely other thing, so you’ll need to take in to consideration marketing and search engine optimization costs.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of creating and crafting your site’s copy and structure in such a way that it makes it most appealing to search engines.

Search engines can be a vital source of traffic to your site. It’s how you can find new prospects and customers and let the world know about your site and all it has to offer.

If you’re using WordPress as your content management system there are great plugins that will help you handle your on-site and on-page optimization tasks, but that’s only part of the challenge.

One of the biggest challenges with the biggest reward when it comes to SEO and ranking highly is getting links to your site from other sites.

A good SEO can help you with both of these things.

In addition to SEO paid traffic is something to consider as well. SEO takes time – usually upwards of 90 days just to get things moving and start seeing some results, and a lot of times that can be too slow.

Paid traffic is a great way to accelerate the ramp up time for getting traffic to your site. Get someone to help here. There are a lot of great specialists who can provide high quality guidance and results so don’t think you have to learn everything about online advertising in order to get started here.

Talented SEOs and ad managers are a little different in how they price their services. it’s not uncommon to see them work on retainer agreements that can start at $1000 per month and go up from there. The thing with search engine optimization, and to a lesser extent paid traffic, it takes a little bit of time to build up momentum, so these retainer style agreements work well for that.

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