Ongoing Maintenance and Upkeep Costs

how much does a website cost? Ongoing maintenance & upkeep

When it comes to building your own website there are a few basics that are common to all websites that require regular upkeep and maintenance.

Domain name registration Costs

Your domain name serves as your address on the web. It’s similar to your physical address. You give your mom your address to send you a birthday card, and when she does, it shows up in your mailbox. Or another good example is when you order a pizza to be delivered the driver gets your address and then shows up at your door when your pizza is ready.

It works the same way with the internet. When you give someone your domain name and they type that in to their address bar in your web browser, it gives their computer directions to where you can be found on the internet.

Picking the right domain name is a big step and you want to do it right. I’ve created this guide on how to choose your domain name that can be a big help to getting a perfect domain name for your new site.

Domain names can be registered for multiple years at a time, but they’re a regular cost you’ll want to keep track of.

$10-$15 per year

Web hosting

If your domain name is the equivalent of your street address on the internet, then your web hosting service is the home you live in at that address.

Web hosting is usually billed monthly, though some providers give price breaks for annual sign-ups and can vary a good bit depending on what you need.

  • SSL certificates & Security
  • Another one of the basic cost factors for building a website is security.
  • Ongoing maintenance & support

$100 per year and up depending on the service


Security is vital for every website, no exceptions, so make sure you have a line item for security in your budget when you’re planning your new website.

Security covers things like SSL certificates, and malware monitoring. It also means that you’re covering your bases by having an offsite backup plan in place.

Secure connections are a baseline requirement these days so having a good SSL certificate in place is essential. These can range from free to several hundred dollars per year, depending on your need.

Many times sites are built with third-party plugins that require renewal. The renewals get you access to the latest features and updates and address any security issues, so it’s always good to keep those up to date.

Once you’ve finished your site and you’re online you will a few things you’ll need to keep up with to make sure your site stays online, stays safe and secure, and is up to date.

Just like your car, there is regular maintenance required for your website. This means that you have set aside part of your budget for upkeep and maintenance….

This covers things like:

  • Keeping your site up to date with the latest releases for your site’s core software to cover security patches and bug fixes
  • Checking your security monitoring to make sure everything is in place and functioning properly
  • Ensuring that you are providing the fastest and best user experience possible
  • Managing content and providing fresh content updates
  • Fixing broken links, optimizing images, and keeping everything organized can provide an SEO boost

$100 per month

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