Should I hire a writer?

For entrepreneurs who start a blog as a way to build an online business, one of the things that will come up quickly is the question, “should I hire a writer?”

If this is your first blog, I’d recommend doing the writing yourself at first.

This is one of those things where having personal experience is going to be incredibly helpful so when the time comes to actually hire writers, or outsource content, you have a method and process for how to create content.

When you have your process and framework down you can then effectively train your writer or writers with the right expectations because you will know what works.

If you outsource your content from the very beginning then there are so many variables that it will be difficult to track down what works and what doesn’t work and it’s really an unneeded expense.

So create your own content for at least your first 25-50 posts on your blog, then you can use outsourcing to scale and grow faster.

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