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How does ClickFunnels work?How does ClickFunnels work?

Have you ever been frustrated with the time it takes to build an online sales funnel?

Have you been struggling with your online business but can’t seem to find the answer?

I know how you feel.

I’ve been there and done that myself.

For me, I cringe when I think about all of time I wasted chasing different trends and alleged solutions.

  • I spent a lot of time and lost a lot of money doing things I hoped would get me results.
  • I tried learning how to code ActionScript (does anyone even remember that?) so I could build Flash websites.
  • I tried selling stuff on eBay (talk about wasting a lot of time & money!)

All this – and a lot more – just because I was trying to find another income stream to support my growing family and get out from underneath a pile of debt.

So after lots of trial and error, I figured out how to work smarter and not (necessarily) harder.

And sometimes working smarter isn’t as intuitive as you might think.

I found a solution to my online business problems and it changed everything for me.

Since then:

  • I’ve done thousands and thousands in sales
  • I quickly grew my email list from zero to more than 1600 subscribers
  • And I generate leads for my business on autopilot these days

And one of the solutions I found to working smarter and not necessarily harder is a software platform called ClickFunnels.

Want to know the best part?

You don’t have to know anything about code, and you don’t need to know any of the web nerd stuff.

So how does ClickFunnels work?

ClickFunnels works by empowering you with all the tools you need to start or to build your online business using the online sales funnel methodology made popular by ClickFunnels co-founder, Russell Brunson, that has generated millions in revenue for its users.

But hold on just a minute and stick with me.

Because there’s more to how ClickFunnels works than just the software platform itself.

So I’m going to tell you how ClickFunnels works, but I’m also going to tell you about the groundwork you need to have in place to make ClickFunnels work for you.

Let’s get started.

How does ClickFunnels work?

ClickFunnels is a marketing platform for online businesses that puts all the tools you need to run an online business in one place for you.

It’s a software service.

But it’s only as good as the input you give it.

Because, as we’ll see here in just a minute, it’s just a tool.

You see, there’s a little bit of a misunderstanding about ClickFunnels so let me start by clearing the air.

First off – ClickFunnels is not a magic pill that will magically make all your online business problems suddenly vanish.

There are too many people who get into the online business space that think that their problems will go away as soon as they sign up.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now that I’ve made that part clear, let me tell you how ClickFunnels actually works.

ClickFunnels is the “how” sales funnel methodology is the “what”

Like I mentioned above, I’ve tried numerous different ways to start a business and earn money online.

But it wasn’t until I found out about the concept of online sales funnels that the all the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place for me.

Seriously – it was one of those “eureka” kinds of moments where everything suddenly became clear.

And once I figured it out, everything changed for me.

So, how does ClickFunnels work?

ClickFunnels gives you the tools that you need to build online sales funnels, fast, and easy.

That’s it.

But in order to get the most out of the platform, you have to have an idea about how online sales funnels work.

That is the trick.

That’s the magic pill you’re looking for.

The concept of online sales funnels is the “what” you need to have to make your business successful online.

ClickFunnels is the “how” you need to implement what you learn about the concept of online sales funnels.

So when you’re trying to figure out how ClickFunnels works, you have to first start by understanding that ClickFunnels is simply a tool that you use to implement the online sales funnel methodology.

And the online sales funnel methodology can work for any kind of business – a travel business, a cleaning business, or a financial services business.

So by now, you’re probably asking, “how does ClickFunnels make this all happen”?

ClickFunnels works as a web page builder

At the core of ClickFunnels as a tool is its web page builder capabilities.

When you’ve figured out what kind of sales funnel you want to build for your business, you don’t want to waste time and money hiring an expensive web developer (that you probably don’t need anyway) to build out your sales funnel.

You want to get your concept up and running quickly, and ClickFunnels does that for you.

You can quickly build out an entire sales funnel in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

ClickFunnels helps build online sales funnels

But it’s more than just a web page builder.

The online sales funnel methodology prescribes a specific set of steps and pages you need to have in your sales funnel in order for it to perform the way you want it to perform.

ClickFunnels makes it easy to select the kind of sales funnel you want to create – doesn’t matter whether is a lead magnet funnel, an unboxing funnel, an application funnel, etc.

ClickFunnels will empower you to quickly and easily create the funnel you want to create.

This way you can start testing and finding out what works and what doesn’t work faster instead of wasting time.

I know for me, that has been one of my biggest challenges – speed.

As you may know (or not know) I’m one of those expensive web developers I just told you not to hire.

My career is building high-ticket, high-level website projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

My clients regularly pay thousands of dollars (5 & 6 figures) to build their web projects.

But you don’t always need to hire people like me to do this work for you when you can do it yourself.

Custom web design & development work is time-consuming and expensive.

And you have to work smarter – not harder.

So I’m not going to be the one who’s mad that you chose to use ClickFunnels rather than hire me, because I use ClickFunnels myself!

Because I focus on working smarter and not harder too.

And ClickFunnels makes it faster and easier for me to build out the sales funnels I need to build for myself, and for my clients.

ClickFunnels helps you create membership sites

One of the regular requests that I get from my clients is “can I password protect this content?”

They want to protect the content because it’s only for paying customers, or for a specific part of their community.

ClickFunnels makes doing this easy by giving you the ability to create a membership site or a private member’s area.

One aspect of the online sales funnel methodology I mentioned before is creating information products.

An information product is something that you sell that teaches people how to do specific things.

And there are all kinds of different information products you can create.

ClickFunnels gives you the capability of protecting your information through membership sites that are account & password protected.

This way you can give your paying clients or community access to the materials you’ve created and they’re not available to the general public.

These can be recurring, subscription-based membership sites, or one-time pay membership sites.

I use both types myself and I’m also a member of several different membership sites that have been created using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels helps create follow up funnels

One of the keystones of the online sales funnel methodology is building rapport with your audience and community.

Not only do you want to build community, but you are going to need to stay in touch with your customers and clients and ClickFunnels makes this easy too.

ClickFunnels has a feature that they call “follow up funnels” which is really just a fancy name for an email sequence that you can send to your customers.

As it’s been said, “the fortune is in the follow up” and it’s true.

Once you’ve attracted your dream customer into your world using the online sales funnel methodology you will want to continue to nurture that relationship and ClickFunnels makes it easy.

Using ClickFunnels you can send pre-written custom email sequences to the people on your list to continue to build your relationship with them.

As you build your relationship with them, your audience will start to warm up to your message and an audience who knows you, who likes, you and who learns to trust you, will buy from you.

And you can use the “follow up funnel” features in ClickFunnels to do it.

ClickFunnels works to manage affiliate sales

Some online businesses rely heavily on affiliate relationships to promote their products and services.

After you’ve done all the work to create your online sales funnel, you’ve created your follow up funnel email sequences, you can use ClickFunnels to empower your audience and network to sell for you as affiliates.

ClickFunnels does all this for you through a feature they call Backpack.

Backpack is a full-featured affiliate management system that makes managing your affiliates and your communications with them, easy as it can be.

Once again -the whole idea here is streamlining the work you need to do.

And ClickFunnels does this by doing the work for you by giving you all the tools you need in one place.

ClickFunnels works providing education & training

By this point, if you’re not already familiar with it, you probably have questions about online sales funnels, and the online sales funnel methodology that I’ve been talking about.

Once again – ClickFunnels works by providing you the training and education you need.

Get this:

Not only does ClickFunnels give you all the tools you need, it will also give you all the training you need to get 100% up to speed on the entire sales funnel methodology.

ClickFunnels provides extensive training and tutorials in a new feature they call FunnelFlix.

FunnelFlix has hundreds of training videos from industry experts that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about the sales funnel methodology I’ve been talking about, how to write your email sequences for your follow up funnels, a bunch of personal development stuff, and just about anything else you can imagine when it comes to online business.

Next Steps

So that’s how ClickFunnels works.

It’s up to you to get the most out of it, but I have no doubt you can do it!

It really is an easy tool to use.

If you’d like to test it out yourself ClickFunnels provides a free 14 day trial with all the features fully unlocked so you can check it out.

If it doesn’t look like it will work for you after those 14 days, all you have to do is cancel and you won’t be billed.

But if you DO like it — well, then you’re in good company as more than 100,000 other businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, coaches and professionals from all kinds of different industries have figured out the power of ClickFunnels and what it can do for your business.

I’m excited for you – I’d love to see what you create!

Hit me up in the comments below with a link to your funnel – I want to see what you have created!

You don’t have to know anything about code, and you don’t need to know any of the web nerd stuff.

You can do it on your own.

So start your free trial today,  and join me in my free Facebook group here, then leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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It’s my belief that if a product or service can help me in my business then it can help you in yours too. I’m either currently using, or have used these products and services I recommend – I will never support or feature something that I don’t believe in completely!

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