Website Content For a Construction Company – Secrets Revealed

Looking to create website content for a construction company website?

You’re in the right place.

I get it – trust me. It’s the biggest thing my clients struggle with, but more on that in a minute.

It’s challenging at the very least.

Here’s why:

Want to know what the biggest challenge is when it comes to crafting content for your construction company website?

You’re a building and construction expert, and NOT a copywriter. At least if  you’re like just about every other construction company out there.

But the question remains, how do you create the content for your building & construction company website?

At the very least you need a home page, an about us page where people can learn about your business and what you’re all about, a services page to talk about what industry and market sector you work with, a portfolio page, and a contact page.

Those five pages will make up the core of your construction company website.

And they’re the very least you need to have even the least semblance of an online presence.

But if you want to generate qualified leads, serve your existing customers well, increase your sales using online tools, then you need to keep reading because I’m going to tell you about some stuff that will cause your business to explode in growth just from online marketing.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Then keep reading!

Website Content For a Construction Company

Website content for a construction companyIn my work as a web developer I work with customers who come from all over the business spectrum – real estate companies, big corporate businesses, nonprofits and foundations of various kinds.

And even though they all come from wildly different places and serve completely different markets, the one thing that they all have in common is this:

They struggle immensely when it comes to crafting good copy for their websites.

Here’s what happens.

They get excited about their new website I’m building for them and start to realize the possibilities that are available to them with a high-quality, professionally built website.

But then it happens.

Everything they think about content starts by focusing on THEM and NOT their dream customers.

They start talking about how awesome they are, and how great their services are, and fill their first drafts with pages of content that’s all about them telling their audience what THEY – the company – wants to say without even so much as a thought to what their dream customers are looking for.

Here’s the deal:

When someone comes to your website – it doesn’t matter what business you’re in – they’re looking for answers to questions, and to vet you to see if they think it’s worthwhile to contact you to see if you can solve their issue for them.

Only after they’ve decided whether they trust you will they ever take the next step to reach out.

And the main way you communicate that you’re trustworthy on your website is by the way you craft the content for the pages on your website.

So for now, let’s forget about the things we want to tell the world on our website and instead focus in on what your dream customers are dying to hear from you – namely that you hear them, you understand their problem, and you know how to help.

Makes sense, right?

According to research done by the Neilsen Norman Group you only have roughly 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on any page in your website, so you have to make those precious few seconds count by being clear and communicating quickly.

So here’s what we need to do from the very start.

The five pages I mentioned previously are the very bare minimum that you need to have on your website.

The Homepage

You need to create the best homepage ever.

Your homepage will be the first place that many of your potential customers will encounter your business, so you need to communicate clearly and quickly who you are and how you help.

The About Us Page

You need to create a captivating about us page.

Your about us page is one of the most popular pages on your website because people want to know the people behind the business, and to get to know them. They want to know your story and why they should look to you to solve their problem.

The Projects & Portfolio Page

You need an outstanding portfolio page.

You’re a builder, right? And you build amazing structures and properties, right? So you need to show them off in an amazing way. You need to show them the details of the projects you create, not just a couple snapshots without any explanation. You’re rightly proud of the work you’ve done, so show it off and talk about it.

The Services Page

You need a clear and concise services page.

Your services page should detail exactly what you do and be super clear about the market segment you serve, and help your potential customers understand what the process looks like to work with you. In my opinion, there are few more useless pages on a website than services pages that don’t communicate clearly and deeply about what it’s like to work with your business. Your customers will bounce off your site and go to another one where they get the information they’re looking for.

The Contact Us Page

You need an easy-to-use contact page.

This page is one of the most important pages on your site. After having seen your portfolio of work, and having learned what you do, your dream customer wants to reach out, so make it as easy as possible.

The most basic thing you need to have here is a contact form, but a good contact us page doesn’t stop there. You need to include a map to your office, your phone numbers, your office address, and phone numbers, along with links to your profiles on the social media channels you participate on.

Under the radar pages you need for your construction company website

So that was the basics.

But there’s so much more opportunity!

You’re probably thinking, “What else?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, check this out – this is the stuff that can turn your website from an expense to an asset that brings in new leads and revenue and you don’t even have to work any harder to get it.

All the pages we’ve talked about so far are passive in their approach to marketing your business.

What we’re going to talk about now are the ones that can move the needle for you.

The Resources Page

Website content for construction company - the resources page

Your dream customers are coming to your site to find answers and to see if you can be the best one to help them solve their issue.

One of the ways that you can position yourself as the expert and go-to resource is to create a “resources” page.

This is a page where you share tools, tips, and tactics that you use in your business that help you get the results you get.

Everyone wants to know what kinds of tools you use – from planning tools, to the companies you use as subcontractors on projects – and by creating this you make your site a better overall resource for your dream customer.

The Start Here Page

Website content for construction company - start here page

I’ve seen a lot of construction websites and so many times those companies are leaving so much on the table because they haven’t thought seriously about making their website an overall great resource for their target market.

What a shame.

One of the under-the-radar pages you need to include is a “start here” page.

This is a page that serves as the entry point into your world.

When your dream customer is beginning their journey they need a place to start that answers their basic questions, and helps put them on the right path.

This is the page that you use to do that.

The Lead Magnet Page

A lead magnet page is a very simple page that you create that delivers something of value to your dream customer in exchange for them providing their contact information.

A “lead magnet” is some kind of asset that you can easily create that will help your dream customer find the answer to the question they’re looking to solve.

As far as “what” it actually is, it can be a PDF, or a video. I’ve seen successful lead magnets for both.

The content of this asset is what makes all the difference. It helps your dream customer tap into your expertise to get a result faster and easier.

This page serves as the entry point for potential customers to enter into your world and is the page you send all your paid and organic traffic to.

The Tripwire Funnel Page

Tripwire funnel page - Website Content Blueprint

A tripwire funnel page is used a lot of times as the “thank you” page for your lead magnet. This page helps you identify buyers.

Here’s where it gets fun for contractors and builders.

Here’s the deal:

Construction companies are very much like other done-for-you service-based business. The deliverable is the main difference.

And just like other done-for-you service businesses, there are a lot of different factors that go into completing a project.

The goal with a tripwire funnel page is to reach your dream customers who are at an earlier stage of their customer journey by providing a product that’s relatively easy for you to create – a guide, a checklist, or planning calendar of some kind.

It’s called a “tripwire” because it helps them cross the threshold from being someone who’s simply downloaded your free guide to becoming a paying customer on top of that.

Quiz Funnel Page

Survey Quiz Funnel Page

As you work to attract the attention of your dream customers, you want to funnel them into the different service areas your construction company offers.

And a fantastic way to do that is by driving traffic to a quiz funnel page.

You’ve probably seen these quizzes before – they’re the ones that are supposed to tell you which Harry Potter house you belong to, or what your spirit animal is.

You know – those goofy, but virtually irresistible survey quizzes that virtually everyone loves.

And they’re incredibly engaging!

What you’re going to do here is to take the concept of the quiz and put it to work for you to find out where your dream customers are at in their customer journey.

To do this you want to create a “Is [insert your targeted service here] right for you?” quiz.

An example could be,  “Is a custom-designed home right for you?” Or perhaps you could do, “Is remodeling your home right for you?”

You get the idea.

The idea is to match up your services with a quiz to help build excitement for your dream customers.

Free Consultation Scheduling Page

One of the great ideas that you can put in place for your construction company is to have a page that will lead your visitors to schedule a consultation call with you.

This page is part of the sequence you’re going to use for your quiz funnel, but it could also be a stand-alone page, just depends on what your online business goals are.

On this page you’re going to present your users with a form to submit their info so they book a call with you.

Visitors to your site are looking for information that will answer their questions. After they’ve found those answers, or they’ve become intrigued enough by your content, they’re now ready talk to you.

What we need to do is make it as easy as possible.

And that’s what this page does.

We’re going to present them with a form where they can book their call and not have to wait to get a return email by using an app like Calendly.

The best part? You’ve captured their contact info and can begin to send them emails in your nurture sequence in addition to the call you’ve got booked.

The Special Report Download Page

This is a specific kind of lead magnet page that you drive traffic to from your paid traffic sources.

The goal here with this page is to present a resource that demonstrates your expertise and insight into the local market and community.

Many times, you’re potential customers don’t know what they don’t know about undertaking a construction project.

By giving them insight you elevate your value as a service provider in their eyes and help them take one more step on their journey.

Your report or buyer’s guide – whatever you want to call it – shows them that you are the one to trust when it comes to providing solutions and once again, you’ve captured their contact info to continue to build the relationship.

Next Steps

So what’s next?

It’s time to start writing!

If you’re ready to get started with the sales-related funnel pages I talked about you can grab a copy of this free template at the link below and a 14 day free trial of the online sales funnel software platform used to create it:

Free construction company template here.

If you’ve not already started, I encourage you take what you’ve learned here and implement it.

If you need help with your construction company website, reach out to me so we can see what we need to do to get your project done.

Have any questions about any of this? Just leave me a comment below.


If you’d like some help implementing what you’ve learned here I want to invite you to join my free Facebook group, Digital Marketing Mastery – would love to have you over there.

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