Question 1. Do you need a content management system for your new website?


The best websites are those that are alive and teeming with activity. The content is fresh and relevant. These websites are constantly being refreshed with new images, new information, and they feel vibrant and alive.

This kind of activity happens because the website uses a content management system that allows site managers to easily and quickly update content.

When you have a content management system in place performing these kinds of tasks is simple.

Content management systems are great tools because they help you to easily keep your website up to date by allowing content managers to make updates and changes to the site without needing to have high-level technical programming or development skills.

Maybe you need to be able to create an announcement about an upcoming event.

Maybe it’s writing a blog post that shows how you or your company are thought leaders in your industry and show off your subject matter expertise.

It could be keeping your sales page up to date with the latest pricing, or removing outdated info.

A site with a content management system that’s built well will help you do all these things and more.

Content management systems are so pervasive that it would be unusual to not have a content management system in place these days. Even the simplest sites can benefit from using a content management system.

By far the most popular content management system in the world is WordPress, powering almost 32% of the top 1 million sites in the world according to

There are other alternatives to WordPress too.

The development of the content management system to fit your needs depends on which one you choose, and its license.

Content Management System Development Costs

The development of a content management system is one of the bigger expenses when it comes to figuring out how much your website project is going to cost.

The development of custom content types, custom fields, and the variety of features that are content manageable are what make

The four paths to getting your website built we discussed last time all factor in here.

DIY – you can get started with a content-managed website using WordPress, or many other content management systems, for free! That’s the good news. The challenge comes from having the technical chops to get what you want in place, which doesn’t have to be challenging, you just have to be willing to spend the time doing it. All you have to worry about is your hosting and domain registration costs here, and the time it will take to get your site set up.

Service – The real strength of a service like mine, WPLaunch, is getting your content management system in place and ready to go for you. Getting all the various pieces of the website puzzle in to place is super easy, fast, and affordable. Starting around $300, this is a great solution for getting expert help to get your site started so you can focus on the next steps for your new site.

Freelancer – If your content management needs are bigger than the basics, then working on a custom build for your CMS with a freelancer who specializes in that particular CMS is a good choice. Starting around $3000 for CMS development is an average cost for a freelancer when you incorporate design that needs to be done, and the custom configuration for your content management needs.

Agencies specialize in building customized solutions built to fit exacting specifications, and leverage their expertise to deliver amazing results. Custom CMS development will usually start around $15,000 when you factor in design requirements and the custom features needed in a pro-level CMS-based site.

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