How to Generate Leads For a Medical Spa in 2021

How to generate leads for a medical spaHow to generate leads for a medical spa

You’ve spent the years and years of hard work to become an expert who can literally transform the lives of your clients.

You’ve refined your skills to a level that only fractions of one percent of people on the entire planet earth can perform.

And you’re an amazing artist, scientist and practitioner combining the latest technology and advances in therapeutic medicine who produces amazing results.

But if you’re like most, all your study and hard work didn’t include how to build a business.

When you’re looking to connect with high net worth clientele you have to do your homework.

They’ve got very specific needs and wants, but the good thing is that they also are the same kinds of people who are looking for solutions to their issues as anyone else.

So how do you generate leads for a medical spa?

You leverage the virtually limitless power of digital marketing to find and connect with your dream customer enticing them with an amazing lead magnet that will help them get a quick win or an answer to a question they’ve been searching for desperately. Once you’ve got their attention with your lead magnet you introduce them to your solutions.

The best part is you don’t have to be a “tech wizard” to do these things.

But when you do it right, you can quickly fill up your practice with your dream customers and keep an open pipeline of new people coming in.

Make sure you read all the way to the end – I’ve got something that will help you take the next steps – you do not want to miss that.

How to generate leads for a medical spa

First and foremost, the most important thing is to raise awareness and brand recognition.

And the fastest and easiest way to do that is to use Facebook ads.

With hundreds of millions of users across the world, just like any other audience, you can guarantee that your dream customers are on Facebook.

But what’s the objective of those ads?

The purpose is to entice your dream clients to take a step into your world and introduce yourself and your practice as a source of solutions.

Your Facebook ads are going to take your dream customers to what’s called a “lead magnet”.

If you’re not familiar with what lead magnet is, it’s a resource that has amazing value for your dream customer that’s easy for them to obtain or engage with, that establishes a connection with them.

And your Facebook ads are the delivery method.

We’re not going to get into all that you can do with Facebook ads – that’s an entire book unto itself and we’d be here all day.

But the point is this:

Facebook is probably the single most powerful tool you can use to generate paid traffic to your business.

In order to do this correctly, you have to find a way to deliver tons of value with your lead magnet.

You’ve heard the old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

And this first impression has to be a “wow” experience because these are the people you’re wanting to become your new clients!

Your lead magnet can be be a lot things – a guide, a video series, or what we’re going to talk about here, a workshop.

As with any good lead magnet, it has to be relevant to your target audience.

So ask yourself this:

What’s a big problem that’s common for your dream clients that I can teach about how to solve through a workshop?

Here’s the best part:

By creating a workshop you can schedule them regularly to bring in new customers consistently over time!

It’s not a one-time thing – this can be a consistent pipeline that serves your practice for years.

Here are couple examples you could use:

  • How to erase wrinkles with this new under-the-radar process
  • Secrets to getting the body you deserve
  • How to create sublime skin without expensive plastic surgery

These are just a couple ideas off the top of my head, but you get the point.

The workshop is a way for you to demonstrate immense value and give your dream customers real wins that leave the hungry for more.

Also – remember this: these ideas are very specific solutions to specific problems.

They’re not general “health & wellness” types of workshops that apply to everyone and appeal to no one.

Find local businesses you can partner with

When you’re new no one knows who you are, so what you’re going to want to do is partner with local businesses to promote your workshops to supplement your Facebook ads.

The idea here is to create a strategy where you can win referral business from these local business partners.

And keep in mind – the businesses you choose should be the businesses where your dream customer is going to spend time and money.

You’ll need to build relationships with these businesses and make a win/win situation where the local business not only doesn’t really have to do any work to promote you, but it also has to be done in a way that complements their reputation and brand.

The idea here is to find offline ways to build connections in the community that benefits the business you’re looking to partner with and helps elevate your brand awareness in the community.

The key to a successful lead magnet

When you’re thinking about what you want to offer as a lead magnet, whether it’s a workshop, a video series, or something else, there’s two keys that will make the difference between it being a success or a failure.

First off, you must talk about how you deliver results.

Regardless of the topic of your lead magnet, whether it’s a workshop on how Hollywood A-listers maintain beautiful skin, or it’s a video series on how body sculpting can help transform your physique into a work of art, you have to demonstrate the ability to get a result.

I can’t tell you how many lead magnets I’ve seen from all different kinds of industries, where the lead magnet is a thinly veiled sales pitch, or is just thin and virtually useless.

Secondly, your lead magnet needs to stay away from how much “work” is involved to get that result.

Everything worth having and doing takes hard work or a lot of money, or both.

But this isn’t the time or place to get into that discussion. The concept here is to talk about results and benefits.

Once you’ve taken the lead from cold to warm to hot, and they’re now dying for the chance to work with you, then you can talk about what’s involved.

What do you do with the leads?

Ok, so now we’ve got traffic coming in through multiple sources.

You’re collecting contact information from your paid ads, and you’re collecting it from your business partnerships with the local community.

So what do you do with those leads?

You nurture those relationships with a well-done email marketing campaign.

Not everyone who registers for your workshop or your lead magnet is going to show up or engage.

So it’s up to you to continue to nurture the relationship and keep your medical spa at the top of their minds.

To do this, you create an email sequence that’s going to continue to deliver value and demonstrate your value in the minds of your dream customers, but there’s also an end goal here:

To convert them into paying clients.

A fantastic way to continue to entice them is to do a giveaway or a huge event.

You could do a giveaway that could be a full day treatment at your spa – massage, skin care, etc.

Something absolutely luxurious that your dream customers would LOVE to have.

Use a giveaway to to attract your dream clients

Think about it as the “medical spa lottery” – everyone dreams of winning the lottery and what they’d do with it. Your giveaway could be the medical spa equivalent.

Here’s the trick to doing a giveaway like this:

Instead of it being a one-off regular, run-of-the-mill giveaway where each entrant gets one entry, you create a giveaway where entrants get additional entries to the giveaway by sharing it with their friends and family.

Your entrants can gain a new entry for each person they successfully invite and increase their own chance of winning the giveaway.

I’ve used these giveaways in a number of different scenarios before and they can be wildly successful.

These giveaways can take on a life of their own and attract countless people who are your dream customers.

Then, when your giveaway has reached the end you simply select a winner (or winners) at random from the entrants.

It really is that simple.

But here’s the kicker:

The prize for the giveaway has to be a perfect fit for your dream customer, and no one else.

Here’s an example.

Say the prize for your giveaway is a brand new free Macbook Pro maxed out with all the biggest and best hardware.

You’re going to attract everyone who’s interested in winning that Macbook Pro which will include vast amounts of people who aren’t in your target audience.

But when you construct your giveaway with a prize that’s specifically targeted to your dream client, you will be attracting the right people who can still become paying customers.

Also, instead of giving away just a single prize, you could give prizes to 10 entrants, and I’d recommend giving everyone who enters something that would be valuable to them that’s easy for you to produce.

Now you may be thinking, “this doesn’t really work for the brand I want to build”.

I understand that thought.

But it’s all about how you create everything that makes all the difference.

Your prize for the giveaway – your copy, your ads, the web assets you create to promote it – all of it should be done in such a way that your brand value is front and center.

And when you do this, it will also appeal to your dream customer in all the right ways.

How to fill up your practice with new patients

Russell Brunson, author of Dotcom Secrets talks about a visit he had to a dentist once his business was able to afford health insurance.

The hook was that the dental practice offered an annual free cleaning.

Russell, being excited about his new healthcare plan and the benefits it offered, scheduled his visit.

Once he was in the chair, the dentist asked him if he smoked or drank coffee.

He was a little put off by the question, but he answered no to both.

The dentist said, “your teeth aren’t very white, we can get you set up with a whitening plan to help your teeth become as white as they can be”.

Russell, not excited that his teeth had darkened, signed up.

Then the dentist asked him, “did you have braces when you were a kid?”

A little puzzled by the question, Russell answered, “yeah – how did you know that?”

The dentist told him he could see how well most of his teeth were aligned, but some of them had shifted and were out of alignment.

He told Russell, “we can get you fitted for retainers that you can wear when you’re sleeping to help you get those teeth back in line”.

Once again Russell signed up.

After everything was said and done, he’d spent several hundred dollars on that “free” visit.

And to top it all off as he was leaving the ladies at the front desk signed him up for his next appointments which weren’t free including his maintenance plan for whitening, etc.

Here’s the point:

What can you offer in your medical spa that would serve the same purpose?

What is the service that you can offer, that’s a perfect fit for your dream clients, just like the free cleaning was for Russell and his dentist, that can get people through the door?

Change your approach to social media

One of the biggest challenges most people face when it comes to digital marketing is adjusting how they use social media.

We’re all so used to using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn for our own personal preferences.

We’re consumers.

That’s where the biggest challenge lies.

We’re used to looking at funny videos, what our college and high school friends are up to, and watching the latest cat playing a piano video than anything else.

All this while the most successful online marketers have approached social media an entirely different way:

They’re producers.

They produce content that consumers want to see.

Consumers “like” images and videos that are entertaining or interesting to them.

Producers are the ones who create that content.

And if you want your new medical spa to be successful you need to learn how to leverage organic social media traffic by creating the kinds of content that your dream customer wants to see.

So many times this will produce a wealth of interest and leads!

Think about it:

Who are the biggest influencers that you watch and follow online?

They’re very deliberate and intentional about how they produce the content they produce for their platform.

And you can do the same thing.

Find your dream 100

Your dream 100 is the 100 people who are influencers who already have your target audience in their audience.

These people are podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, Instagram influencers, etc.

One of the best ways you can change your approach to social media is to unfollow everyone on every social platform you’re on, and follow only these people that are part of your dream 100.

You want to study them.

Analyze what they do, and how they do it.

And find out a way to get in front of them and get their attention.

Provide value to them.

Give to them.

Instead of pitching them cold, do something for them that makes their life easier – send a gift that you know is something they’d love because you follow them and know them.

Share their content and tag them.

Let them know what you got out of it, and how much you appreciate it.

And do this over and over.

Get on their radar for the right reasons.

Then – only after you’ve been consistently serving them and helping them reach their goals – then you can reach out and start to introduce the idea of working together.

Next Steps

There’s a lot that goes in to building out these systems, but I can guarantee you it’s worth it.

Take the time, do it right and you’ll very quickly be on your way to filling up your sales funnel with leads from your dream customers.

Some of these things will produce results pretty quickly.

Some take more time.

But you should do each and every one of them if you want your new medical spa to be successful.

And when you do you’ll never have to worry about staying busy again!

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