How to figure out your “Why”

Why do you want to start a blog?

I know that might seem like an odd question to start this discussion, but hear me out, this is important.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your “why” is what motivates you. It’s what keeps you going through the difficult times, and spurs you on to keep aiming higher!

“People are attracted to your WHY more than they are attracted to your what.”
-Simon Sinek

Now you may be thinking “I know my ‘why’, let me just skip to the next section.”

But as Lee Corso is famous for saying…

…Not so fast my friend!

Really getting to the core of your “why” is like tapping into a virtually limitless source of energy.

It’s tied to deep stuff within us, and when we figure it out, it’s usually pretty profound.

Blogging is fantastic for building an additional stream of income, and being an outlet for your passion, whatever that may be.

But not everything about blogging is glorious and simple.

So if your “why” isn’t big enough, it can be easy to quit once things get tough.

And it should be a really good “why” too.

Your “why” should be the kind of thing that gets you fired up when you think about it.

We’ll use fitness as an example.

If I were coaching a personal trainer on why they wanted to start a blog here are some of the very first questions we’d discuss.

Why do you want to start a blog?

Because I want to tell my story and help people get in shape, and I want to help make extra money for my family.

Why is telling your story and helping people get in shape, and making extra money for your family important to you?

Because I know what it’s like to struggle with your weight, and I’m tired of having to worry about bills every month.

Why is letting people you know what it’s like to struggle with your weight, and being tired of having to worry about bills every month matter to you?

Because I remember how much it hurt my self esteem to not be proud of the person I saw in the mirror and I saw how hard my parents worked, and how hard they struggled. I don’t want that to be the example I set for my kids.

Why does connecting with others about your story about losing your self-esteem, and setting a better example for your kids matter so much to you?

Because I feel like I wasted so many years being stuck and it was my own fault and I really want to provide the things for my kids that I wasn’t able to have when I was growing up.

Why is that so important to you?

Because I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, and generations of my family have worked themselves to death, but weren’t able to change their destiny. I want to be the first.

Now – do you see how much more powerful that is, than simply saying “I want to make extra money for my family”?

It’s far more profound. And it should give you chills.

That – that – is what knowing your “why” looks like.

And with a “why” that’s that powerful, you’ll be able to push through any obstacle that gets in your way.

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