What kinds of websites can I build with ClickFunnels?

Here’s the deal:

ClickFunnels is the best online sales funnel builder on the market today. There isn’t another that comes close. It’s exceedingly good at what it does.

But it’s not right for all kinds of websites.

It’s great for building some of the kinds of websites we’ve already talked about – websites for contractors, dentists, coaches, course creators and more.

But it’s not great if you’ve got more nuanced needs for what you need out of a website, like directories, dynamic content management, fine-grained content management access by writers, and those kinds of things.

So if you’re a more traditional business with a more complex website, can you still use ClickFunnels?

Absolutely, yes.

In fact, it’s what I recommend.

You can integrate ClickFunnels into just about any kind of web project you want.

Here’s the bottom line:

Use ClickFunnels for what ClickFunnels is best at, and use other platforms like WordPress to do what they’re best at.

There’s no reason you can’t have the best of both in one platform.

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