Now is the PERFECT TIME to host your virtual summit! Today we’re covering everything you need to know about creating a virtual summit and the pitfalls to avoid so yours is a success.

Virtual summits are a way to deliver *incredible* value to your target audience!

And not only are they INCREDIBLY valuable for your audience, but they can take your personal brand to an entirely new level!

My friend Vamsi Pannala joins me on this episode of Digital Marketing Mastery Office Hours and tells us:

👉 How he was able to get A-list influencers in his market to be part of his summit
👉 The mistakes he made and what he would do different
👉 The things that tripped him him and slowed him down
👉 What he recommends for you if you want to do your own virtual summit
👉 And a LOT more!

You can get access to Vamsi’s Impact Marketing Summit here: