That’s the LIE we’ve all been fed in the digital marketing community.

“You don’t need a website”

We’ve all heard that, right?

And I can tell you that’s a crock of 💩💩💩.


Creating the RIGHT website is *crucial*.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly with those who say you DO NOT need a website.

The RIGHT kind of “website” is YOUR home online.

Because, here’s the deal:

You DO NOT control Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform like this on which you market.

That’s called building your “sandcastle” in someone else’s “sandbox”.

And that’s very very dangerous.


You DO control your website.

And people are going to Google your name.

They may see your offer online via an ad or something like that.

MOST of the people who click your ad are going to bounce out to Google (provided that they’re even interested) and search for you and your offer.

What are they going to find?

If they don’t find YOU and your offer/brand what they are LIKELY to find is your COMPETITOR.

That’s bad.

They NEED to find you.

There’s a solution – though.

THAT is what I’m talking about on today’s vlog.

I created a guide that shows you how to solve this Google problem, along with 6 other factors that are killing online businesses.