How To Design The Best Homepage Ever That Converts Like Crazy (with examples)

Step by step I walk you through the 7 critical factors to build the best possible homepage for your website that will convert like crazy!

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret formula is for a killer homepage you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m covering here.

Too often, people just dump stuff on to their homepage because they want to shout out the things THEY want to talk about and completely miss the point that your homepage is for your visitors to help them answer two CRITICAL questions – and fast.

Your homepage plays a crucial role on your website.

It’s the page that has the best opportunity to rank high in search engine results because when someone links to your website it’s your homepage they will most likely link.

If you look at your analytics for your website you’ll see it’s probably the most visited page out of all the pages on your site.

So it should come as no surprise that best homepages ever designed are the result of lots of thought, research, and great planning.

But where do you begin?

When it comes to designing a new homepage for your website the best place to start is by figuring out your strategy and what you want to achieve before you start building anything.

Here’s the best part:

You don’t have to be a huge company with a big design and development team and a big budget to create an awesome homepage!

And here’s another secret: These principles apply whether you’re a personal brand, blogger, creator, small business or online entrepreneur!

In future videos I’ll cover other vital aspects to success with your website’s homepage like design aesthetic, copywriting, colors images and more!

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Homepage Website Design: 7 Critical Factors

Do you need help designing the perfect homepage for your website? Well, stick around because today I’m going to teach you the seven critical components for your website’s homepage that converts like crazy.

Welcome back, everyone. My name is Rob Orr and I’m a web designer and developer who’s focused on helping people do business better online.

One of the things that I run into a lot and working with clients and working on websites is getting the perfect homepage designed and built so that the website achieves the client’s goals. That’s the main goal though, right? We are looking to create a website that converts, helps us to build our audience, helps us to build our community and will convert like crazy.

Today, that’s what we’re going to get into. These are the seven crucial components that you need to have in place for your website and your homepage to convert like crazy.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 1: The Header Section

Number one, the first thing that people see when they come to your website and they land on your homepage is your header section. This is the section where you have your introductory text, you have a sub-headline that really succinctly and quickly builds a value statement. It also is where you place your first call to action, supercritical important.

This is something that I run into all the time when I’m talking to people about their websites. What is the main thing that you want somebody to do when they come to your website? Well, once you have that question answered, this is what you use to answer that question and to help people to take that action.

In your header section, you want to have a background image that is descriptive of the mood and the tone that you’re trying to set for your visitor that will inspire confidence for the visitor and who you are and what you’re doing. When it comes to your website, you have a very, very short period of time to grab somebody’s attention and start to build curiosity.

You want this image to quickly convey the message that they need to hear to keep engaging with your website. It should also work in conjunction with your headline.

Now, one of the things that you need to keep in mind about your headline is this is not a place for witty phrases or trying to be cute or trying to have some kind of pun or something like that. You want to be really explicit with your visitors in the communication that you’re using here.

Your headline should very clearly state who you are and how you help immediately. Be clear, be blunt, be real upfront with how you answer their pain points because you want to use then your sub-headline to elaborate on that just a little bit to deliver a little bit of additional spice and intrigue to your value proposition here so that people will continue to engage with your website.

Then here also, you’re going to want to place your first and primary call to action. Like I was saying before, this is something that people struggle with. They don’t know what they want people to do when they come to their website.

We have to quickly guide them when they’re coming in through what I call the front door of the website which is your homepage. You have to have an idea of what you want them to do. You want to communicate that clearly and very quickly so that the visitor will stay engaged with your homepage.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 2: The Intro Section

Number two on our list when we are creating our perfect homepage, it’s going to convert like crazy. The next thing after your main header section, you want to have an introduction section. This is all about building know, like and trust. The main header section is about them. The main header section is about immediately addressing their pain points and how you can help them to solve those problems.

Number two, though they want to build know like and trust so if you were able to hook them in the hero section of your website, they’re still looking. They haven’t engaged that call to action yet so let’s help build the know, like and trust factor in the second section here which is how you introduce yourself and who you are and go into a little bit more detail about your business and how you help.

Think about this as your website elevator speech. Really quickly you are wanting to communicate that you understand their situation. That you understand the problems or the questions or the pain points that they have really quickly here in this section. You also want to illustrate that you understand how this impacts your visitor.

You want them to know that not only you understand the situation that they’re in, but that you understand how it impacts their business. You also want to include a piece in here about how you understand what happens when they don’t solve this problem.

You want to turn the volume up on that a little bit. You want them to know that you understand the impact that not solving this problem has for their business. Next, you want to talk about really quickly how you resolve these situations.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 3: The Process Section

Okay, so next up we have the process section. Depending on what kind of business you’re in, you may or may not do the same thing in this section as somebody else. If your service lends itself to describing the process of working with you in a clear and succinct way then this is definitely something that you need to improve. We have the header section where we’re immediately answering who we are and how we help.

Then we have the intro section where we spell that out, where we tell them that we understand their situation. We understand the impact that it has and then we tell them about how we resolve their situation. Then in this third section, we talk about what the process looks like for how we solve those problems.

This is where you’ll see websites will show kind of a graphic or bullet points or something that is super easy to communicate where it walks you through initial contact to complete resolution of the problem. This is really, really important for helping people understand how you are able to help them through this process.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 4: How We Help Section

The fourth section that we have here is a section where it goes into detail about how you help. We’ve introduced the problem. We’ve talked about what the process looks like and how we resolve it. Now, we’re going to talk about how we help in more detail.

This is the part of a website where you will see a lot of times where people will put pricing tables where you can sign up for various different plans or those kinds of things where you’ve got a quantifiable type of service, where you are able to easily and quickly communicate how somebody can do business with you. It talks more about your solutions that you provide to help them solve their problems.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 5: Validation & Social Proof Section

The fifth section that we have here on our homepage is our social validation and social proof and testimonial section. This is the section of the page where you’re going to want to show your testimonials. You’re going to want to show those glowing reviews that you’ve got from your customers.

You’re going to want to show the posts that you have from your customers on social media where they’re talking about how awesome you are on Twitter or how much you help them on Facebook. This section here is meant to lend credibility towards the claims that you’re making further up in the page about how you understand and how you solve people’s problems.

We want to show people here in this section of the page how it is that you’ve been able to help other people be successful in the past.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 6: Resources Section

The sixth section that we have here on our homepage when we’re working on building and designing the best homepage ever that’s going to convert like crazy is our resources section. This is where you are delivering something of value in exchange for an email address. This is where you are going to be delivering a checklist or a guide or something that is going to be intriguing that is going to deliver so much value that it’s a no brainer for somebody to put their email address into the opt in form in order to be able to get that resource.

What that does is it delivers value to them. It builds your credibility and authority in their eyes. It gives you the ability and the option to continue to market to them through email. That way not everything has to happen on your website. Like Russell Brunson says the fortune is in the follow up anyway, so you’ll want to continue to stay in contact with these people that are on your list and continue to market to them through email.

Best Homepage Ever – Section 7: Footer Section

Finally, the seventh section that we’ve got on our homepage is our footer. You can do a lot of different things with your footer, but really the most important part of this is just you need a place to put your privacy policy, your disclaimers, those kinds of things and ways for people to get in touch with you. And usually an additional site navigation that kind of serves as a sitemap so people can kind of get a quick overview of what you have available on the website is a good way to go here. This is also where you want to put your social media links.

I hope that helps. I hope that helps you to understand what it takes to build a homepage that’s going to convert like crazy because it’s a lot of work. It’s not just something that you’re going to throw together. There’s a lot that goes into it. We don’t have time to get into all of it in this video, but there is design and there’s copywriting and there’s how to pick images, a whole lot more. We’ll cover those in future videos.

Go ahead and click Subscribe Now and hit the bell so that you get alerted every time I post a new video. That way you’ll know when we have a new video and we’re talking about those things. You’ll definitely want to take a look at those videos as well. Please come over, subscribe. Go and check out some of my other videos where we’re talking about all things digital marketing. Until next time, thanks for watching.

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