Question 2. Do you need people to be able to log in and create user profiles on your website?

How much does a website cost?

Following closely on the idea of content management systems is user management within content management systems.

Why would users need to be able to log in to your website?

You see this feature a lot when some kind of content asset is kept behind a wall that prevents access except for registered users. Newspapers and online media outlets have started using this kind of feature to encourage people to sign up for premium subscriptions.

Membership sites use this feature to protect the privileged content they create for their members, like downloadable reports and other valuable assets.

Another instance of where a login account feature may be a good fit would if your customer needs to pay an invoice, or you want to require registration to download a report.

Another aspect of having user accounts is figuring out how accounts are created and how they’re authorized.

Sometimes they’re open to the public and anyone can sign up and they’re automatically added. Other times, a request is sent and the request has to be approved.

So, are you going to create the user logins yourself, or is it something that they will be able to create on their own?

Do you need to moderate whether or not a user is approved or not?

These are questions that need answers to build out your user access system.

But that’s not all.

The means by which they login is an important factor to consider.

Among the among the most popular options is having visitors use their email to register for their account. This option is pretty standard for content management systems, so if this is something you think you’re going to need then make sure this feature is available in your CMS.

Social logins like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are also available and provide users with the ability to use a single social profile to login in to various properties around the web.

Website visitors are looking for efficient, simple, and easy-to-manage ways to create accounts and login to websites, and social logins are a big help there.

Closely related to being able to login to your website is the ability to create user profiles.

User related functions like forums, and account specific information are the kinds of things you need to provide for users in this area.

Maybe it’s a community site where you’re members need to enter information about themselves like you see on an app like Fitbit.

The more things a user needs to be able to do with their profile the greater the complexity will be for your project and that will ultimately escalate the costs.

User account creation development costs

The costs for this depend on the method for creating these accounts. Virtually all content management systems have a method for managing various users, so using the built-in method is the default for most cases.

Then there is the other option of using social logins to facilitate user accounts. This is more involved and the costs associated with this kind of integration depend on whether it’s something that can be provisioned by a plugin, or if there is a need for deeper integration.

DIY – You can use plugins to facilitate social login connections in many instances.

Because setup services cover start-up needs in most instances, user account creation is not usually something that would be included in these kinds of services because it’s a more advanced feature.

Freelancers and agencies can build custom integrations for you to fit your exact need. You can estimate the costs of this feature to range between free and $2000-$3000 depending on the needs and functionality requirements.

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